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Introduction To Diploma in Hybrid Mobile App

Duration: 2 Months
antroid app
Course Description:

Hybrid Mobile App development course focuses on Developing Mobiles Apps for multiple platforms like Android & IOS using web technologies with help of Hybrid Framework.


  • What is Android
  • Android Development Tools
  • Security and permissions
  • Installation of Android Studio
  • Using Eclipse for Android development
  • Using Android Virtual Devices or real devices for testing
  • Getting started with Android Studio
  • Parts of an Android application
  • Android application components overview
  • Base user interface components in Android
  • The Android manifest
  • Resources
  • Layout resource files
  • Views
  • Layout Manager and View Groups
  • Use layouts and view interaction
  • Using Resources
  • Assets
  • Using resources in XML files and in code
  • Using Scroll View
  • Deployment