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Introduction To Diploma in Android App Development

Duration: 2 Months
antroid app
Course Description:

Android App Development Course helps Students to who are new to programming, and who want to learn how to develop Android apps.

Duration: 2 Months

 • What is Android
 • Android Development Tools
 • Security and permissions
 • Installation of Android Studio
 • Using Eclipse for Android development
 • Using Android Virtual Devices or real devices for testing
 • Getting started with Android Studio
 • Parts of an Android application
 • Android application components overview
 • Base user interface components in Android
 • The Android manifest
 • Resources
 • Layout resource files
 • Views
 • Layout Manager and View Groups
 • Use layouts and view interaction
 • Using Resources
 • Asset
 • Using resources in XML files and in code
 • Using Scroll View
 • Deployment

Objective 1: In this lesson, we discuss the Android Platform and the Android Development
Environment and walk through the logistics of how to get started as an Android application
 • Understand the components comprising the Android Platform
 • Use various tools found in the Android Development Environment

Objective 2: In this lesson, We explain the basic components from which all Android applications
are created. We also present the Activity class - one of the main class responsible for displaying an
application's user interface.
• Recognize the four fundamental components of Android applications
• Work with the lifecycle of the Activity class
• Create a simple Android application

Objective 3: In this lesson, we explain the Intent class and Permissions. We also present the
Fragment class - another key class responsible for displaying an application's user interface.
By the end of this lesson, you should be able to:
• Create applications comprising more than one Activity
• Understand how to define and enforce permissions
• Design applications that run on multiple, differently-sized devices

Objective 4: In this lesson, we summarize and demonstrate the many class Android provides for
creating user interfaces. By the end of this lesson, you should be able to:
• Define and deploy applications with sophisticated and elegant user interfaces.
• Developing Mobile Applications with IOS Platform

Career Opportunities:
• Android App Developer