Student Testimonials

I feel MindTE offered me the best opportunity for development of my skills in web design and development. I have found that the method of teaching is different from the one I am used to. Most of my courses have hands on aspect. MindTE makes sure that the student is comfortable and progressing well in the studies and their life.

- Pranjali Jadhav

For the last 3months I have been a part of MindTE, studying the Carrere course during my study period I found the Institute to be the best for me as the trainers were able to deliver the best of education. Staff members were always ready to help. I am happy to recommend everyone whoever is planning to make their future with MindTE.

"MindTE offered a course which promised to lead me towards achieving my ambition"

- Urmila Pagare

Looking back to my experience at MindTE, I am so glad that I did my Career course studies there. Every stage had prepared me somehow to deal with these days. Studying at MindTE was one of the most beneficial experiences I have ever had in my life. Combining both amazing teachers and staff with a challenging personalized learning experience, MindTE did not only improve my academic skills, but also helped me significantly to get accepted at one of the best IT firm . I am so grateful to everyone at MindTE and glad I studied there.

- Yashoda Nikam

The MindTE course at Gangapur road Nashik, very effectively integrates real world learning with academic research in the Technology field, thus enabling participants to take more informed decisions in the highly complex IT world.

- Nikhil Pandey

I knew straight away that i wanted to do the course when I first read about it and have to say that i have not been disappointed. The material we covered was really informative. I would definitely recommend this course to those who are interested. I already plan to carry out another 2 courses at MindTE.

- Kamalesh Choube

I would definitely recommend this course to anyone interested in taking their Mobile App development knowledge to the next level.

- Ameet Kumar Yadav

I attended the Modular course; the quality of the training was exceptional. The educator gave the class a lot more information then what was part of the curriculum.

- Atharva Sindekar

Definitely one of the best institutes on the island. Labs are great, equipment is probably the best you can get while the staff and educators know their way around. I just finished my career course of Graphic desing and must say I am more than satisfied with the knowledge acquired. Special thanks to give us chance to work on live projects.

- Sandhya pawani

MindTE is the best training centre for the Career courses. The training program as well as the course content is well structured to meet the requirements of IT industry. It makes you technically sound in web and mobile technology and enhance the clinical domain knowledge, as they have well qualified faculties. Believe me ...

- Harshali Lokare